Here is a summary of what you'll find when you when you tour our support site.

Slate Desktop Forums

We arranged the forums by topic. You can engage support and fellow Slate Desktop users. You can track a forum or a topic within the forum by clicking the "Follow" button at the upper-right.


Articles open to the public without signing in to the site

Getting Started

Overview how to start using Slate Desktop with a quick start guide and requesting technical support

Install, update & uninstall

Common installation topics from installing Slate Desktop itself to importing engines from other systems.

Where to find TMs

We recommend you use your own translation memories, but if you want to try average performance, here's where to look.

Advanced Slate Desktop 

Articles available to registered site users who sign in.

MT Connectors

How to connect your CAT to your Slate Desktop 

Terminology support

Ensure your engines use your terminology.

Curating TMX translation units

Your subject-specific engines perform better. Categorize your translation units using the XML tags in your big-mama TMX files.

Linguistic performance - AKA "quality" 

Quality is a over-used and ambiguous term. Learn to how to measure and work with your engines' linguistic performance.

Language support

All language-related topics from language codes to language-specific functionality.

Hardware & configuration

Customize your hardware platform or your system installation.