Andras Farkas has organized the European Union's CELEX Translation Memories. 

According to this site:

The "texts were autoaligned with very limited manual checking." The CELEX collection is grouped by these subject areas with some overlap as noted below:

  1. General, financial and institutional matters (shortened name: General_financial_institutional)
  2. Customs Union and free movement of goods (shortened name: Customs)
  3. Agriculture (shortened name: Agriculture)
  4. Fisheries (shortened name: Fishery)
  5. Freedom of movement for workers and social policy (shortened name: Social_policy)
  6. Right of establishment and freedom to provide services (shortened name: Right_of_establishment)
  7. Transport policy (shortened name: Transport)
  8. Competition policy (shortened name: Competition)
  9. Taxation (shortened name: Taxation)
  10. Economic and monetary policy and free movement of capital (shortened name: Economic_policy)
  11. External relations (shortened name: External_relations)
  12. Energy (shortened name: Energy)
  13. Industrial policy and internal market (shortened name: Industry_internal_market)
  14. Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments (shortened name: Regional_policy)
  15. Environment, consumers and health protection (shortened name: Environment_consumers_health)
  16. Science, information, education and culture (shortened name: Science_education_culture)
  17. Law relating to undertakings (shortened name: Companies)
  18. Common Foreign and Security Policy (shortened name: Foreign_security_policy)
  19. Area of freedom, security and justice (shortened name: Freedom_security_justice)
  20. People's Europe (shortened name: Peoples_Europe)
  21. Documents of the European Court of Justice (shortened name: Court)
  22. Other/unclassified (shortened name: Other)

Note that many documents belong to more than one subject area (e.g. agreements on the customs tariffs of agricultural products may belong to the Agriculture, Customs Union and free movement of goods and External relations subject areas).