Slate Desktop ships with the Strawberry distribution of the required Perl runtime environment (Strawberry Perl). Some users might prefer a different distribution, such as ActivePerl available from ActiveState. If this applies to you, make sure that you install the 64-bit version to avoid SysWOW64 compatibility complications on Windows. Also make sure the perl.exe program is added to your system %PATH% environment variable.

Finally, other Perl distributions might not include required Perl dependencies. For example, on ActivePerl, the statement `use Date::Format;` fails because its package is not distributed with ActivePerl. At a minimum, you must run this command from a Command Prompt to install the TimeDate package:

C:> ppm install TimeDate

Here is a list of other `use` statements in the various Perl scripts that might require you manually install packages.

use Cwd;

use Date::Format;

use Encode;

use File::Basename;

use File::Copy qw(copy move);

use File::Glob ':glob';

use File::Path qw(make_path remove_tree);

use File::Spec::Functions;

use File::Spec;

use File::Temp qw(tempdir);

use FindBin qw($RealBin);

use Getopt::Long "GetOptions";

use Getopt::Long;

use strict; use utf8;

use warnings;

use XML::Twig;