Automatic uninstall

Slate Desktop registers itself in Windows' Uninstall or change a program Control Panel. Just double-click the icon and Windows launches the uninstaller. You must be connected to the internet to uninstall because the uninstaller connects to our activation server to deactivate this installation.

Manual uninstall

When updating, Slate Desktop first uninstalls using the uninstaller from the previous version. Some necessary updates have caused the old installer to fail. In those cases, you need to manually uninstall Slate Desktop before the new update will install. There are two approaches to manual uninstall: minimal and complete

Minimal approach

Without the old version's uninstall.exe program, the update's installer skips uninstall and over-writes old application files.

  1. Delete this file
  2. Clean up the Slate Desktop icon (see below).
  3. Run the update's installer
  4. If the installer reports an activation limit error, see below. 

Complete approach

This approach completely removes the old version.

  1. Backup your engines using the old version. 
  2. Delete these folders:
    • C:\PTTools\System\ 
    • C:\PTTools\User\connectors\
    • C:\PTTools\User\plugins\
    • C:\PTTools\User\scripts\
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\slatedesktop\plugins\ 
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\slatedesktop\scripts\ 
  3. Delete all sub-folders under these folders EXCEPT the sub-folder names that start with xslate- 
    • C:\PTTools\User\graphs\*
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\slatedesktop\graphs\* 
  4. Delete all files in this folder EXCEPT the license.conf file:
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\slate-desktop\* 
  5. Clean up the Slate Desktop icon (see below).
  6. Run the update's installer.
  7. If the installer reports an activation limit error, see below.

Note: %ALLUSERSPROFILE% = C:\ProgramData on modern Windows operating systems (after Windows XP and Vista)

Clean up the Slate Desktop icon

  1. Open your control panel's Programs and Features (Add / Remove Programs).
  2. Double-click the Slate Desktop icon.
  3. Windows will warn that the icon is invalid and prompt you to clean up.
  4. Click yes to remove the invalid icon.

Problem with manual approaches

There is a problem with these approaches. Without running the uninstaller, the activation count on our server is out of date. The new installer could fail with an activation limit error. Contact us and we will help reset the server.