There are two ways to request technical support:


Send an email to Please use your customer email address so we can identify your account.

Support ticket

Sign-in to our support site (this one), select the "Tickets" tab and click (+) New support ticket

Details to include

In the body of email and support ticket messages, please include the following:

  • Version of Slate Desktop you are using (Windows, Linux) and version number
  • Operating system version you are running on (Win7, Win10, etc)
  • Attach the log files packaged as a zip file (see below)
  • Screen shot if appropriate
  • CAT tool and its version number
  • Describe your actions and the results

Log files

Slate Desktop creates logs for each of its steps in this folder:


The log file names start with a sequence number showing the order the "graphs" were run. If you experience a fatal error, the error message most likely be in the last file, but valuable information could also be in an earlier log file. Therefore, please zip all file with in one run and attach to your topic.

There is also are "catch-all" error log files in your system %temp% folder. Type: %temp% <enter> in the Windows Explorer address line and Explorer will take you to the temp folder. Add the files wit names matching and Slate_Desktop.pyc.stderr.log to the zip file with the other logs.