Some users receive an error that Trados Studio (2015 or 2017) fail to load the Slate Desktop MT plugin. The problem may be caused by the Windows security setting when the installer creates a configuration file that the connector must access. The following steps may fix this problem. 

1. Open the folder C:\ProgramData\slate-desktop in Windows Explorer. 

2. Right-click the white background and select the Properties menu.

3. In the Properties dialog, click the Advanced button.

4. In the Advanced Security Settings for slate-desktop window, click Change permissions

5. Click the button that changed to Disable inheritance 

6. Click Remove all inherited permissions from this object. to confirm the action

7. Verify all permissions were removed and click the Add button

8. In the Permission Entry for slate-desktop window, click the Select a principal link

9. In the Select User or Group dialog window, type Everyone in the "Enter object name to select" text area and check the Check Names button

10. Check all of the checkboxes in the Permissions Entry for slate-desktop window

11. Finally, click the OK buttons on all of the dialogs and windows to save all of the changes.