New users might need help to fully understand how their first engines perform. With a little help, you'll be able to identify you engines' potential performance quickly and accurately. If you send us your engine's automated evaluation report, we'll review the performance with you. Just follow these instructions. We'll schedule a time to review the results with you.

Steps to package you engine evaluation report

  1. Zip all files in your first engine graph folder: C:\PTTools\User\graphs\xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME 
    $SRC - source language code
    $TGT - target language code
    $BUILDNAME - assigned build name
  2. These five (5) files give us a complete picture of your engine:
    1. xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME\graph.ini
    2. xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME\mert1.engine.json
    3. xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME\
    4. xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME\
    5. xslate-$SRC-$TGT-$BUILDNAME\user.ini
  3. You may remove the file from the package if you created one with your engine.
  4. Email the zip file to Reference your purchase in the body (by email address, license key or purchase transaction number).
  5. We will use the zero-edit-percent value in the mert1.engine.json file as the quality quotient.