Update 1.1.0

Jul 25, 2016

Fixes that require you to regenerate your engines. Note that your current engines will run without rebuilding but these changes might degrade quality if you don't regenerate:

  • Fixed tokenizer escaping error that caused punctuation and symbol errors (most prominent in French text)
  • Fixed tokenizer unescape error that caused %(#93)s and %(#91)s to leak

Other fixes/updates

  • New GUI look.
  • Split engine build process and added UI pages for each.
  • New page to add TMs to SD's inventory.
  • New page to select TMs from inventory to generate an engine.
  • UI remember the most recently entered language pair and file labels (no need to retype).
  • Added backup for engines & TM inventory - Saves more than "export" feature.
  • Support to delete inventory files.
  • Added Base on engine button to use existing engine as template for new engine.
  • Single, shared error box for text input fields (cleaner UI).
  • Auto-select an engine in the dashboard list after generation is complete.
  • Enhanced the Engine Details panel.
  • Extended keyboard control through added menus with shortcuts.
  • Fixed Error running msiexec /package installer problem.
  • Various other installer updates and fixes, including updating to InstallBuilder 16.4.0.
  • Prevent Windows suspend mode while generating engines and batch translating files (Windows shouldn't sleep).
  • Installer associates Slate Desktop icons to identify files in Windows Explorer.
  • Added uppercase feature. When source segment is all uppercase text, SD sets target segment to uppercase.
  • Tuned preparation to stop removing TUs with only one token.
  • UI remembers the languages and labels from the last session and between new pages.