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Thought you might find this interesting:

"What’s the EUR 5.8m for?

Lot 1, valued at EUR 1.4m, involves the contractor “assisting” the European Commission in “selecting tools and services,” and shortlisting and testing likely MT systems, which may eventually be purchased.

Lot 2, valued at EUR 2.8m, involves building a language resource repository in all official languages of the EU and CEF-associated countries and providing IPR (intellectual property rights) support and a clearance helpdesk. The Lot 2 contractor is also expected to complement the previous tender won by the DFKI consortium, mentioned above.

In Lot 3, valued at EUR 1.6m, the contract identifies, buys, and anonymises third-party data sets and parallel corpora to train and refine the machine translation engine.

This tender should be interesting for any organization with deep expertise in machine translation technology and related consulting and implementation services―although potential bidders will likely face an uphill battle against the consortium that won the first tender."


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Thank you, Michael. I added this to our forum as a resource for all customers to consider.



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