Summary of Priorities

Merge - The top items on the list are problems shared across several users. Further down the list are requested features.

Trados Studio Connector

Fixed: Plug-in hangs on some segments.

TMX Reader on SDL Trados files (and others)

Fixed: Reading fails on some TMX files exported from Trados. Pieter found a workaround: File formats for translation.

Better filter for corrupted UTF-8 files

Fixed: We have several reports that UTF-8 text files extracted from SDL Trados TMX files have illegal binary characters. We're updating our system to filter these lines automatically.

memoQ connector

Awaiting memoQ testing/approval: This is mostly finished but it's on hold until we fix the Trados plugin to share any improvements.

CafeTran collaboration

Re-connect with Igor at the CafeTran team to start integration collaboration when he's ready.

Feature: Translate progress bar

Add a progress bar when translating with the Slate Desktop program.

Feature: Export engine to zipped package

Add button to o export the selected engine to a zip file package (automates step found here How to copy an engine to another machine)

Feature: Import engine from zipped package

Add button to import engine from zipped package (reverse of export step above on another machine)

Feature: Clean-up failed engine builds

Add button to clean up workspace after a failed attempt to build an engine. Similar to the existing "delete engine" button, but cleans up failed fragments.
Added backup feature instead. Users can backup desired engines with corpus files, delete all corpus files, and then restore the backed-up data.

Feature: Engine features page

Add button to view details of an engine. Includes corpus documents that created the engine, line and word counts, final mt-evaluation report.

Primitive capability added. Just double-click engine to see the details page. Need to populate with relevant information.

Feature: Resume after failure

Add button to resume generating an engine after a failure. Gives users a chance to analyze logs, manually fix what was broken and save time by picking up at the last confirmed successful step.

Partially implemented. User interface remembers the most recent values. Users can resume from last failed session. Can also use existing engine as template for a new engine.

Feature: Optimize CAT connectors

Add internal feature to pre-translate batches inside the connector. The connectors are slow because the connectors pass one segment at a time to the engine. Inside the engine, however, the Moses component works faster when it receives several segments at at time. Only then does its multiprocessing kick in. If anyone has experience working with the Trados, memoQ or other connector API's, we'd like your help.

Feature: Add support to manage data files inside the workspace

This will give users control to re-mix data from corpus documents they already imported into the system.

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Feature: Translate progress bar


Better filter for corrupted UTF-8 files

Added support to ignore control characters that are invalid/illegal for XML 1.0

TMX Reader on SDL Trados files

Reviewing TMX in-line elements as possible source of missing data problem that memoQ fixes

Trados Studio Connector

Plug-in hangs fixed and tested on previous bad segments. Added configuration updates to support per-translate