Update 1.4.8

Dec 14, 2017

  • UPDATED SDL Trados Studio plugin: Fix bugs from Trados and Windows updates
  • UPDATED SDL Trados Studio plugin: Added option to remove the 'AT' flag
  • UPDATED SDL Trados Studio plugin: Signed by SDL
  • mydutchpal.com support for en-nl and nl-en
  • update BUILDS manifests for birds example
  • improved formatting/display of progress during MERT
  • consistent creation of .json manifest files
  • optimize progressbar updates during train-tm
  • update branding URL references to https://slate.rocks
  • add simple exclude option to corpustypes
  • update cleaning to extract short terminology segments
  • consistent script processing between command-line and GUI
  • updated scrub-tm to save dupe pairs in tm-DUPE tree
  • updated scrub-tm to save identical in tm-SAME tree
  • clean exit GUI
  • Added instructions to setup and configure CafeTran MT plugin

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