Update 1.4.6

Oct 23, 2017

  • fixed windows setWindowsACL of folders/files errors
  • cleaned __slate_prefix__ global variables
  • refactored command-line executables for consistency
  • added adaptive support to `xslate` executable
  • added mydutchpal.com `xslate` graph to MT connector
  • move set_up() out of highlevel to setup.py module
  • always add Python prefix to beginning of path
  • buggix edge case for clean-tm RATIO tree
  • added option to continue batch queue if an input file fails
  • changed slate-daemon* to xslate-daemon*
  • bugfix installing Perl Date::Format module
  • improved Windows file association to support delete-engine from double-click
  • replaced windows batch files with mklink symlinks
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