DRep infected threat

AVG, Avast and other antivirus vendors can block the download of our Slate installer with a message about "DRep infected threat." I found this information on the Avast anti-virus website, but "DRep" is a standard term shared by all antivirus vendors. Here's the original link: https://www.starmessagesoftware.com/faq-page/what-is-avast-drep-infection/.



When downloading files from the internet, Avast (any antivirus) might block the 
downloads marking them as infected by DRep. The message is a bit misleading 
because DRep is not a virus infection but rather a preventive downloading blockage.

DRep (DomainRep, aka Domain reputation) is a preventive detection of antivirus that 
blocks EXE file (Windows executables) downloads if all these conditions are met:

    1. The file is not prevalent enough, ie. not enough users 
       launched the file yet,
    2. The domain is not prevalent enough, ie. not enough 
       users downloaded (any) EXE files from the domain yet,
    3. The file is not digitally signed or antivirus does not trust 
       the signature. 

Once one of these conditions are not met anymore, the antivirus will stop flagging 
the download. This is a preventive error that does not depend on the contents of 
the file. The antivirus does not examine if the file is infected by a virus or not.



Virus threats are very important and we treat them very seriously. We run our website through a virus check from this service: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/slate.rocks/. and it reports no website viruses and a good reputation.

We can't control the "prevalent enough" checkpoints that Avast, AVG and other virus checkers use to determine "domain reputation." Our .EXE is digitally signed but we can't control if the antivirus vendor uses/trusts the certificate.

Since this warning is based on the download context, not the file's contents, I'm confident that if you temporarily disable your antivirus protection before downloading the file and re-enable it immediately, you will be okay. Please make sure you re-enable your antivirus and check the file itself before you run the installer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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