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runtime error, returncode: 255

Dear Tom,
thank you for your quick reply. I attached the log files. I use Windows 8.1 Pro. CAT-tool: Trados Studio 2017, although I didn’t get to use it with Slate yet. :) Is there anything else you need?
Kind regards / Üdvözlettel / Herzliche Grüße,
Zsuzsánna Kupán

Okay, Zsuzsánna.

Thanks. I have a good idea about what's happening. To confirm my suspensions, I need to review this detailed log file. Can you please zip it and forward?


I'll share what I learned, but I'll save my suspicions until I can review that log file.

You started this build using 19 translation memories. The resulting imported set is quite a large with over 4.5 million segment pairs. Here's a breakdown as reported by the scrub-tm graph (The Data Science Behind the Scenes):

   Total pairs:     4,566,677
   Blank pairs:     8,173
   Identical pairs: 24,387
   Valid pairs:     4,534,117

   Unique duplicates: 4,316,28
   Repeat duplicates: 1,359,115
   Unique pairs:      2,743,374

After this stage, the clean-tm graph reported this:

   Total files:           19
   Total pairs:           2,743,374
   Source missing target: 537
   Target missing source: 168
   Invalid token ratio:   62,110
   Final pairs:           2,680,559

So, when you started your build, Slate had reduced your TMs to roughly 2.68 million pairs. This quite large for most Slate users. It's not beyond Slate's capabilities but requires more capable hardware than the minimums we publish.

Let's look at that detailed log file and I'll share what I find.