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runtime error, returncode: 255

I set up the engine, and it has been working for two days now, when I received this error message (see attached file). After that, the engine stopped and all the work was lost. I can restart the process, but how do I know that it won't stop because of the same error again?

Kind regards,

Hi Zsuzsánna,

I need to look at some log files to trace the source of this error. Can you please send me the information from this article?

These files are summary logs. It's likely that one of those files will also point me to look at a detailed log file, but I'll only know the path/name of the file after I review the summary.


You just broke my personal record for exceeding free temp drive space. My personal experience is "only" 250 GB.

FYI, two things determine how much space is consumed. First, the absolute size of the training corpus. 2.68 million pairs is 1 million more than what failed with my 250 GB. Second is the complexity between the two languages. Hungarian is pretty complex and that means there are more entries in the phrase tables that are being created at this stage in processing.

I thought of another thing. You mentioned you haven't tried your engine in Trados "yet." The Trial Edition does not include the CAT connectors. You'll need to use the "Translate a document" button to evaluate your engine.

You should first review the evaluation process described here: Then, instead of using the connector, you'll need to use another tool (Studio?) to create a TMX file of your project. Then, use Slate's "Translate a document" button in the dashboard to pre-translate that TMX. Finally, you can include that pre-translated TMX file in your project to review/edit Slate's output.

Finally, some good news. When I reviewed your logs, I found a way we can trap that error when it happens instead of many steps down stream. I already made the updates and it will be part of the next update. Thank you.



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