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Missing connectors

Following installation of the new installer yesterday I have no connectors under C:\PTTools\User, nor under C:\PTTools.


I need one for SDL Trados Studio 2017
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Hi Andrew,

You are correct that other Slate edition (Desktop and Starter) include connectors under the C:\PTTools\User\connectors folder. Slate Trial Edition, however, does not include the connectors interface for CAT tools. It includes only the components necessary to create and evaluate engines from your TMs. Here's a link to the features comparison table:

To evaluate your engine's performance, I recommend you review the steps in this article: You'll have to modify the "Final Step" because the article was published before the Trial Edition.

With Trial edition, prepare a TMX file with the source segments you want to translate. Then, use Slate's "Translate a document" button in the dashboard to translate from a TMX to a TMX file. Finally, import the TMX into your CAT as a TM resource.

All the best,

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