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Entered license key and installer froze

Dear Tom,
thank you very much for the trust. However, I already encountered a problem. :(
I ran the installation setup, but after I entered the license key, it froze and quit the installation. At the next try, the server returned the message that the license key was already used. I turned off my antivirus software for the second installation – I am guessing I should have done this the first time... Can you help me?
Kind regards / Üdvözlettel / Herzliche Grüße,
Zsuzsánna Kupán
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Hi Zsuzsánna.

I traced our authentication server's log and I can see where the installer failed. When you enter your email and license key, the installer "shakes hands" with our server to validate your entry. There is a slight hesitation during that validation but when complete, the installer prompts you for more information. In your case, that validation process never completed and it left your license key locked. I don't think you did anything wrong and our server doesn't show an error. I'm pretty sure this is not related to your antivirus, so please re-enable it. It might be an unlucky case of an Internet hiccup.

Can you send me all of the files in your %TEMP% folder that start with bitrock_ ? These might shed some light into why the process didn't complete. The %TEMP% folder is something like this: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Temp, where <USERNAME> is your user-id on your computer.

I unlocked your license key on our server. You can run the installer again without the "license key was already used" error. After you enter your email and key and click next, have a little patience. Maybe the process is a little slower on your system.

Thanks for trying Slate!

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