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setInstallerVariableFromScriptOutput error

Downloaded the windows files and attempted an install. Unfortunately getting the error below.

Any ideas?




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 The installer checks for your host computer environment in incompatibilities by running some external programs (scripts). For example, from the command prompt, one would be C:> python --version. It then reads the return. In this case, it could be blank (i.e. Python not installed) or "Python 2.7.13"

For unknown reasons, some Windows machines have a problem communicating their answers ("Python 2.7.13") to the installer. This error is that unknown problem. So, we need to look at the installer's log file to see exactly what failed. Here are the steps:

  1. Run the installer and leave the error dialog box showing.
  2. go to the temp folder. To do that, open a Windows Explorer window and enter %temp% <enter> in the address line.
  3. look for the file(s) starting with the name "bitrock"
  4. Attach those files to this support topic.

Let's see what's failing and then try to fix.


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