Update 1.3.5

Mar 3, 2017

  • Bugfix - failure to translate mqxliff files from the Dashboard's "Translate a File" button - fixed
  • Bugfix - removed UI enhancement that displayed progress bars for filter chains per TM file processed. When processing large numbers of TMs (sets of over 1,200 files), Slate Desktop crashed and disappeared -- fixed.
  • Bugfix - target language exceptions not saved in workbench tree for use in language model -- fixed.
  • Enhancement - ratio exceptions saved in new 'tm-RATIO' tree under ready-workbench for detailed review.
  • Quality enhancement - removed conservative configuration settings that reduced hardware requirements for early users, but potentially also reduced the quality of some engines. These restored configuration values consume slightly more hardware resources but based on actual customer reports about their hardware, most users will not notice the difference. These updates change does not affect current engines, but potentially improves the quality of new engines.

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